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Meet the Ballistic Arts residents!

Nestled in the suburban jungle known as Coquitlam, the Ballistic Arts asylum houses many of Vancouver’s most talented creative minds. We are constantly fantasizing about video production, hallucinating about effective WordPress web design, craving a good piece of graphic design, or needing to score some photography. As a patient of Ballistic Arts, you’ll be working with our creative minds to get you back in marketing tip-top shape in no time.

Typical symptoms patients exhibit before being admitted into the Ballistic Arts asylum are:

  • Frustration from wasting time and money on having a multitude of suppliers work on different parts of their marketing.
  • Paranoia that their competition’s advertising and communications looks better than their own.
  • Hysteria from unreliable suppliers who miss deadlines and constantly come in over budget.

If you suffer from any of these symptoms or are generally having marketing panic attacks, you may be showing early signs of “ugly design syndrome”. It is advisable to contact a Ballistic Arts practitioner immediately.

Practicing since 2002, Ballistic Arts is the collective brainchild of creators Takehiro Kawana (aka “Tak”, “Invisible Man”, or “Hey That Guy”) and Theodore Lau (aka “small cap ted, large cap LAU”, “Johnny Nightmare”, or “Hey That Other Guy”).

ted LAU

visionary ceo, father, and sales guy

After somehow completing a degree in Communications at SFU, ted roamed the streets of Vancouver trying to solicit business from people. He soon found out that in order to get business, you first need a company with services people want.

Like all ADHD-ridden entrepreneurs, ted can’t sit still. Instead of having him talk them to death at work, his team put him in community groups as: Membership Chair for EO Accelerator Vancouver; President for the Federal Liberal New West-Coquitlam EDA; Founding Member of the Next Leaders Council (BC Business Council) and; Board Director at the Douglas College Foundation.

He’s married (yes, really), a father of a little girl (again, yes, really), a black belt martial artist (to protect himself from himself), and able to speak 4 languages (sometimes all at once, and none very well).

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Tak Kawana

workaholic coo

alive by design

His skill set includes design, video production, photography and website development, building his first site in 1996 on notepad and coffee.  It was this curiosity in all things creative that lead to his part in the creation of Ballistic Arts Media Studios.  Now, he helps ted lead an amazing team of creatives doing fantastic projects in a fast-paced environment.

His attention to detail is believed to be either a mutation from his over-exposure to computer screens or from paint fumes (he paints miniatures and robots).

Tak has a limited off-switch, which would explain the mountain of video games and movies he has bought but will never watch or play.  So, he is very often found at the Asylum.  When he gets to work with the great, creative, and crazy people in the asylum, you can’t blame him.

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Marisa Woo

Keeper of the books

Marisa purchased a Bachelor of Arts degree from Simon Fraser University, with a major in Communications, and minors in English and Publishing. Her obsessive-compulsive impulses to organize things and pay attention to very small details brought her to Ballistic Arts, where she was admitted in 2005.

Marisa’s OCD is treated with a medical cocktail that includes accounting, administration and website programming.

When she escapes from the asylum, Marisa can be found shopping in a mall, staying active in dance and yoga classes, shopping online, figuring out how to grow a vegetable garden, colour-coordinating her closet, and glued to the couch watching her favourite TV shows.

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Megan Lee

taking care of projects

Megan is organized, very organized. We’re talking arranges the shirts in her closest by sleeve-length AND then by colour, organized. Spreadsheets for her spreadsheets organized…you get the idea.

After a very loooong 8 years of post-secondary (and yes, she actually has 3 pieces of paper to show for her “hard” work), Megan longed for a way to combine her love of good design, her desire to right marketing wrongs and her obsessive need to organize the world.

Then along came Ballistic Arts and BAM! The world made sense.

On her brief trips outside of the Asylum, Megan enjoys cooking, pretending she can garden, eating copious amounts of sushi and seeing as much of the big beautiful world as she can… before her day pass runs out of course.

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Drew Small

accounts and project management extraordinaire

We cannot confirm that drew has realized he’s out of the ivory tower and in the Asylum – but we can confirm that he won’t stop using six syllable words. drew has had his hands in just about everything digital over the years, and we’re afraid the chip he implanted deep in his brain may have been chocolate.

The abnormally high levels of cocoa in drew’s brainstem make him deliciously amenable to your questions and concerns, and one of his greatest joys is using his observation, understanding, education, and empathy to craft a treatment that helps cure a patient.

AFK he’s as diverse as he is in he digital realm – cycling, woodwork, cooking, archery, natural building, fermentation, and baking are all a part of his world outside the Asylum.

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Rosie Gopaul

The talented and sensational singing designer

After two years of experiencing symptoms of boredom and day dreaming in the lecture halls of SFU, Rosie and her imagination needed more. She left and received her bachelors of applied design at The Art Institute to unleash her energy and her inner voices.

Rosie’s thoughts usually steer her towards addictive cravings of creative thinking, design and chocolate. While obsessed with doodling and involuntarily singing to her own song arrangements, Rosie’s skills have wandered into the digital world of communication and design. She’s often inspired by conceptual illustration, composition and thoughtful typography.

In her spare time, Rosie explores her passion in personal projects, art galleries, wandering city streets and outdoor trails. Her voices encourage her to hoard packaging and indulge in enormous amounts of wine…labels. At work, you can find her singing at her desk or even having her own conversations. Although her voices keep her company, she likes to balance them with the ones of her co-workers, friends and family.

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Jarvis Nigelsky

video team lead and man in motion ... design

The journey of completing a project is exciting for me.

“Starting from a video concept with scribbled notes that I wrote during lunch to the final colour grading polish delivery, is the greatest accomplishment I feel at work.  I seek to continually grow my graphical skills, and my storytelling concepts.  I work to creatively motivating my co-workers to push their own limits.  Most days I am having so much fun, I forget that I am technically working.  And we do this every day, all day.”

“Also, I like turtles.”

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Roswell Cho

man of video action and future moon walker

Roswell is a Vancouver based motion designer. Prior to joining Ballistic Arts, he used to hire out his lethal After Effects and C4D skills to other peoples.

He escaped from a maximum security prison after being framed for a crime he did not commit. Now he is on the search for redemption. After seeing the light, he vowed to leave the mograph mercenary way of life. Now he only uses his motion design skills for good.

Roswell has an unhealthy obsession with hats, movies and obscure trivia. After hours, you’ll probably find him in the gym or riding his scooter.

Q & A:

Yes, Roswell is my real name
No, I do not moonlight a gentlemen’s club hired dancer
Yes, I am interested in saving 15% on my car insurance with Geico

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Darrell Aganon

WordPress Wizard

Darrell's always looking for ways to use WordPress to its full potential while trying to utilize the latest technology in innovative ways. He is continually looking to learn about the latest innovations on the web and looking at how these innovations can benefit the work we do for our clients.

When Darrell’s not locked up in the asylum staring at his screen, he can be found strapped to his snowboard on the mountains, stuck to his arcade stick gaming online, or looking up where he should travel to next.

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Dustin English

he's got your back

Likes to think he's the exact recreation of Johnny Depp's character from Blow. The similarities include being addicted to... code, late night's partying with sketchy friends who speak foreign languages (html, javascript, css, php), and driving expensive cars with his PS3 controller.

His eventual takeover of the lower mainland started at BCIT, and the process continues at Ballistic Arts where he consumes enough caffeine to fuel the voices in his head for eternity. He presses his words diligently throughout the day, and has found a perfect fit surrounding himself with equally creative, code addicted, asylum members. He considers himself a creativity junkie, and loves any opportunity to succumb to that addiction. Let’s get weird.

Outside of the asylum, life includes hockey, sports, outdoor adventures, indoor adventures, blanket forts, and doing even more lines…. of code…. because all the kids are doing it…. right?

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