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3 Design Trends For 2017

3 Design Trends For 2017

Looking for the latest trends in the world of graphic design? Our creative team has put together a list of the 3 hottest design trends for 2017.

1. Logos That Use Negative Space

Negative space (which is also known as white space) is the area between and around the main elements of a design. In our opinion, it is an essential part of any good web, marketing collateral, or logo design. If you thoughtfully plan your logo to incorporate negative space you can produce a clever depth that creates an illusion or a deeper meaning behind your brands identity. This trend can also can help give your logo’s composition a more minimalist look.

Logos that effectively utilize negative space will catch a person’s attention by tapping into their curiosity. This will prompt the person to investigate and discover the company that it represents, and the products that they sell. Great negative space will entice individuals to spend extra time looking at a design which may give an advantage over other competitors.

2. Bold Photography & Sleek Typography

A trend that we have been seeing a lot of recently is the use of a bright photographs juxtaposed with simple text and backgrounds. This is often seen in brands that embrace adventure. When powerful imagery and typography is used together, viewers get captivated and designs exude class and excitement.

Now that the attention spans of our audience has shortened as a result of our digitally dependant lifestyle, the future of design is moving towards giving viewers the information that they need as quickly as possible. This makes “bold and sleek” the perfect route to take when it comes to graphic design.

3. Hand Lettering

Put simply, hand lettering is the art of drawing letters by hand. It is a custom illustration where each letter is one of a kind. The re-emergence of this old art form has recently taken over blogs, social media channels, websites, packaging, and even logos. The vast array of different styles allow the technique to be incredibly versatile, and we love how it can add a personal human touch to otherwise standard digital designs.

Hand lettering involves taking a completely different approach to the use of text in design. It can appeal to almost every audience because it can be found in many different types of media. Free digital typefaces that imitate brush strokes can easily be found online, but nothing quite beats doing it by hand. Hand-drawn typography is often used to evoke the feelings of nostalgia, mastery, and handcraftsmanship.

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