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3 Easy To Follow Steps To Ensure Your LinkedIn Lead Campaign Success

3 Easy To Follow Steps To Ensure Your LinkedIn Lead Campaign Success

Over time, LinkedIn has become a powerful tool for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to expand their connections, find business leads, and tap prospects. It has released various features through the years to make the platform more robust than before, one of them being the Lead Gen Forms.


This is a particularly helpful tool that your lead generation and sales teams can incorporate in their process. If utilized well, this can help them generate high-quality leads at higher volumes and, consequently, boost their performance.


A study conducted by software company Bynder on its marketing efforts showed that adding Lead Gen Forms to one of their Sponsored Content increased the leads by 400%. Moreover, it helped them achieve a 20% conversion rate.



If you’re ready to leverage Linkedin Lead Gen Forms to win in lead generation, here are three simple steps to follow.


STEP 1: Create a Linkedin Lead Gen Form Template 


To do this, you will have to log into the LinkedIn Campaign Manager. Once you’re there, select the account you want to create the template for. Click on “Account Assets”, and then “Lead Generation Forms”.


A template has three main parts. For the first one which is the headline, you will have to describe the product or service you are offering. You need to do this as clearly and concisely as possible. Moreover, you have to add a privacy policy URL to allow your target market to read more about how their data is going to be used.


The next thing to do is to select the up to seven fields you want to add to your template. Given this limit, you need to ensure that all of these give you the information you need.


What’s remarkable with Lead Gen Forms is that when a user clicks on your ad, the form will be pre-filled with data from their profile. All they have to do is simply edit the missing fields. This ensures that you receive quality leads right away.

Linkedin Lead Gen

The last thing to accomplish is the “Thank You” page. This is what members see after submitting their information. It’s a smart idea to maximize this opportunity by providing additional information or other call-to-actions and keeping them engaged.


STEP 2: Add it To Your Ad


After your form template is done, it can now be included in your ad. Moreover, you can also include it in your Sponsored Content.

Linkedin Lead form

To add a Lead Gen Form to a Sponsored Content, all you have to do is to click “Collect leads using LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms”. After creating your sponsored content, you can add a CTA button as well as a suitable lead gen form.


STEP 3: Manage Your Leads


One mistake that advertisers commonly make is that they create an ad only to forget about it eventually. This is something you must avoid at all costs. Fortunately, Lead Gen Forms provides you with a convenient way to track your leads and, eventually, measure the results.


Head to your account and click on “Account Assets” to download your leads directly from Campaign Manager. Find the form template you want to download leads from and click “Download”. All lead data is deleted after 90 days, so you must download them frequently to preserve your records. However, take note that you need to be a Company Page admin or have Lead Manager Access to be able to do this.

For best practice try integrating your generated leads to automatically update on your CRM or email provider.

You can see the performance of your campaigns by clicking on the “Leads” tab in the same dashboard. You will see the total number of leads, form completion rate, and other key performance metrics.


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Lead Gen Forms presents members a convenient way to submit their information to you without exposing them to risks. Such a feature eases their anxieties and gives them convenience, which further encourages them to fill in your forms. Considering this, using these forms with the right strategy can boost your sales and help your business reach its full potential.


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