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Make Better Explainer Videos with Motion Graphics

Make Better Explainer Videos with Motion Graphics

Oftentimes, when creating an explainer video, the end result is best achieved when the plans are easily followable as well as adaptable during any stage of the production process. A motion graphics route can allow you to have more control when producing your explainer video project.

What are explainer videos and motion graphics?

Explainer videos. Short video segments that show users how something works. They are often used on homepages, social media, and any relevant service pages on websites.

Motion graphics. Bringing graphic elements to life in the editing process. This could come across as a mouse moving and clicking elements on a web page, or creating an animation as if a web page is loading to a new one.

Pros and Cons of Motion Graphics in Explainer Videos

Motion Graphics in Video Production

With new software being developed and updated every day it can be hard for users to understand how they can maximize their benefit from the services they purchase. For the average person, it is unreasonable to expect that they will be able to optimize their use of a product by simply reading a web page or listening to someone speak. For this reason, web demos are designed to assist the user.

By using motion graphics, web demos can be created with precision. Full control is given to the timing of actions in the recording, clarity of the movement, and highlighting images around talking points.

But with a high level of control comes downsides. This process is time-consuming and requires a lot of communication. With the ability to edit to perfection, it is important to have good planning and guidelines to ensure this process does not overconsume the project budget. Set clear expectations and budget ahead of time to ensure your employees or contractors can work within the parameters.

Getting More Conversions with High-Quality Explainer Videos

As a company we often push for the use of motion graphics as putting them on the homepage often leads to better conversions during advertising campaigns.

The high-quality explainer video is created, now what?

Having a high-quality website and landing page is crucial to enhancing the number of conversions your website generates. Wordstream reports that having a high-quality video on your landing page can increase conversions by 80%.

If budget permits it, testing multiple explainer videos is recommended. According to Hubspot, making small changes in landing page variations can create a 55% increase in leads.

If you need a company to manage ads, landing pages and design videos for you, contact Ballistic Arts. We are a full-service marketing agency that specializes in increasing leads and developing complete marketing funnels.

Creating Explainer Videos for Shift iQ

Back in February 2021, our team created five separate motion graphic explainer videos for Shift iQ, a platform that connects industry competencies to learning outcomes. These videos were geared towards assisting in their onboarding process.

By using limited footage from the backend, we were able to showcase the key features that prospects would be keen to use, without actually using them.

To do this, a fake cursor was animated on top of a screen recording. The cursor was animated in such that it appeared to be navigating towards different pages in the Shift iQ program. Done in tandem with a professional voice over, the cursor was able to guide the viewer’s eyes to the most important part of the screen.

Want to view more details on how we conducted our work for Shift iQ? Click here to view our case study.