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Our Lead Generation Basics: What Are Lead Magnets?

Our Lead Generation Basics: What Are Lead Magnets?

Although today’s ever-digital marketing landscape has become far more advanced than ever, finding success within its realm still uses one approach that has been around for decades: Lead generation. 

For many years, lead magnets have retained their strong impact on helping marketers attain top-quality results for success. At this point, you may have also considered rebuilding your current strategy to attract even more profit and conversions and beat out the competition. With all this talk about this strategy, however, there’s one question that you might have in mind more than anything else: “How do I create a winning lead magnet that attracts customers?”


What are lead magnets?

While most people may say they know what a lead magnet is, they may genuinely not know its actual definition. In essence, lead magnets are defined as a marketing strategy that involves the process of providing something free and valuable in exchange for their details and permission to send them content. What essentially happens is that customers are pushed along into the cycles for conversion by attracting the catalyst of a sale with a valuable commodity — hence, the term “lead magnet.” 

Lead magnet drawing in customers

What makes for the best lead magnets? 

Generally, the best examples of the marketing concept in question are those that satisfy these three key factors: value, exclusivity, and relevancy. Once you figure out the right blend and approach, you’ll get to start profitable relationships in no time! 


A few tips for more effective lead magnets

If you were to bring up the idea of getting 20 percent opt-in rates with a lead magnet to anyone, you’d most likely be called insane and asked to dream smaller for the sake of realism. Yet, the truth about getting many returns on your efforts isn’t as difficult or impossible as others may claim it to be; all it really takes is a keen eye for the right details.

Let’s look at some of the game-changing tips that will help you take your marketing efforts to the next level for more profit and actionable results: 


Tip #1: Research what your market is looking for

One of the most valuable resources for effective lead generation efforts that you can’t overlook is quality research with lots of findings to work with. Instead of being like other businesses that jump the gun on creating “value”-based content that customers don’t want, collecting data on what your target market finds valuable will help point your efforts in the right direction! 


Tip #2: Bring money into the mix

While it is commonly known that lead magnets are free, the key factor that allows a select few to cash in on an abundance of conversion opportunities is the tasteful use of monetary value. As much as you can call the resources you’re providing as “valuable,” onlookers and potential customers won’t see the value of it all until you put a dollar figure beside the description!

Tip #3: Use a video to reel customers in

When you look at the most effective and profitable examples of lead generation efforts on the web, you’ll quickly notice that every high-value item is always paired with a video. Through high-quality videos—such as the lead generation-specific materials from Ballistic Arts—you’re essentially catching the attention of a potential customer so that you can prime them to take action! 



For any business that’s looking to generate high-quality results and opportunities for profit and conversions, no resources are possibly more impactful or powerful than lead magnets. Through this guide’s help, you can ensure that you have all the necessary tools, tips, resources, and tricks to build an effective magnet that will yield quality results in no time! 

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