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4 Website Design Principles to Help Differentiate Your Brand

4 Website Design Principles to Help Differentiate Your Brand

Whatever your Vancouver based business may be, it’s always extremely important to have your brand identity interwoven into your website design. Your website is your dedicated main stage for reaching your online audience. But what exactly makes it so important for you and the online community?


This guide is here to unravel what makes a strong website design the main strand for pulling off a successful business presence that can sustain growth and generate leads even past the screen. As the new wave for modern-day shopping is seen through e-commerce websites and influencer marketing, we will look into how a strong website is still the main backbone.

Competitor Proofing

The beauty of the Internet is every business can thrive equally regardless of how big or small they are as they have a site and a strong online presence. Aside from social media, logging on to their dedicated website is integral to customer acquisition, processing orders, and garnering payments through online transactions. And just your so-called big fish competitor swims here too, it doesn’t mean you cannot overtake them.


Website design makes sure that you can win the war as you wage different battles through constantly improving your site and gaining the upper hand through deep content marketing and the production of professional landing pages.


As your competitors’ sites can become a stale or bland space, you can take the lead by developing and refining your site in a way that lets you stand out.

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Elevated User Experience

One of the key secrets to winning over your competitors is being proactively involved in bettering the overall user experience. This means making sure that they are able to get the product and services they need in just a few clicks without the site crashing or slowing down.


It can also mean being able to speak with a human customer representative rather than having to talk to a chatbot. If you truly want to make your site user-friendly, put yourself in a visitor’s shoes.


Ideate on what kinds of website content and features would make them “add to card” or “join now”. For a truly methodical approach, we highly recommend A/B testing.

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Seamless SEO

Just as you want users to have an easy time on your site, you want them and potential new customers to find you. This means being well acquainted with SEO and working with analytics to put you on top of the search engine results.

If certain keywords are easy to spot on your site or are a viable source within your target market, then all you have to do is see the new sales or subscription roll in. Baiting new leads and extending your reach is the goal here.


Potent Branding and Influence

As the SEO analytics gain new growth opportunities, your branding and influence as a business have to be undeniable to everyone, even to your competitors or other businesses.


Having great website design here means there is a strong presence of online community engagement. This means the users and the site can independently work together to create reviews, a vibrant comments section, and even pour out to social media.

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This will lead to exponential business growth and attracting new partners. Therefore, consider your unique story or voice the next time you retool or reconfigure your homepage.



With the Internet continuing to grow and generations of users being largely dependent on its services, you as a business need to invest in professional website design and constantly upgrading the site. And as the future continues to see a world connected by the Internet, you will have the opportunity to be top cut and rake in steady revenue and stress-free lead generation.


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