If your law firm website doesn’t have tens of thousands of website visitors every day, don’t fret—it isn’t your fault. People simply don’t spend their free time browsing law firm websites for fun. They usually peruse online shopping websites to look for their next purchase or social media platforms for that bottomless well of content. Even so, there are always some people out there seeking the legal services you provide. It’s crucial to find these people, drive traffic to your website, and generate high-quality leads.


In the olden days, law firms depended on advertising themselves through word of mouth. Some use a smattering of Google Ads to create leads. However, this is quickly becoming obsolete, especially with the crowded keyword competition on Google. If you want to get ahead of other law firms, it’s time to focus on your digital marketing funnel.


The Basics of a Digital Marketing Funnel

Basic Marketing Funnel


A digital marketing funnel chronicles your customer’s journey from start to finish. The first step begins with the initial contact all the way through to purchase. Most marketing funnels differ from another, but they generally have five stages.


The first is awareness of your brand. Customers get to know your company through branded content, like ads and articles they stumble upon while browsing the Internet.


The second is consideration, during which your prospects are now considering engaging with you. Your goal is to create a deeper relationship with them and nurture them further down the funnel with targeted educational content.


The third is conversion, in which you start to turn a prospect into an actual customer. This is where your law firm convinces your potential customer to purchase your services by discussing its benefits.


The fourth stage is loyalty, a continuous marketing campaign that keeps your clients aware of your practice. This stage will help you retain loyal customers that continue to buy from you, which is essential for building and expanding your customer base.


The last stage is advocacy, in which your satisfied customers advocate for you. They are now fans that talk about your company and promote you to their friends, generating high-quality leads for your practice.


Maximizing the Digital Marketing Funnel

User purchase flow


Understanding the customer journey is crucial to ensuring you maximize each stage. The easier to make it for them to move further along the funnel, the more leads your practice will enjoy. Creating specific marketing materials in each stage will encourage them to coast right through the funnel, which will bring you new clients faster than expected.


There are plenty of ways to maximize the awareness stage. You can take advantage of Google Ads campaigns and post on social media platforms. Create articles that offer legal advice, as this will definitely catch the attention of your customer pool.


Make sure that you have a place to capture all your leads by putting a form on your website. Customers will have an easy way to input their information, which will automatically route into your customer relationship management (CRM) system.


You’ll have to make sure that each lead is qualified to ensure they’re useful, but the criteria depend on your practice. At the very least, make sure you keep the name and contact number of each potential client. It’s even better to know what services they need and what their budget is. This will help you find the customers that are most likely to convert, as you’ll remove leads that aren’t compatible with your firm’s specialties.


Once you’ve settled on your leads, keep them engaged through an active lead nurturing campaign, like a monthly newsletter. Your potential customers will know more about your work and your successes while receiving valuable legal advice. By continuing this process, you’ll be generating plenty of new clients while enjoying increased website traffic.


However, the work doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve gotten new clients, you have to make sure they keep coming back. Continue to communicate with them through social media or newsletters. Ask satisfied clients for their testimonials. This will help build your credibility with new clients, expanding your customer base even further.



 signing documents through the computer

The old methods of marketing your law firm are no longer the best way to reach new customers. A technology-reliant world has shifted the focus to digital, which means that your law firm can get ahead of your competition by staying current. Now that you know the importance of a digital marketing funnel, you can successfully start to generate new leads and expand your practice.


Or would you rather outsource your marketing efforts, so that you get daily relevent leads handed to you? In this case be sure to chat with us about the digital funnel for law firms we have created. Or read all about how we continually succeed to source high value leads for our Vancouver based clients while surpassing their expectations everytime.