With pumpkin spice back in season, it is hard not to have the holidays on our minds. Actually, Halloween is creeping up on us: that means that we’re about to be in the full-out holiday season, and that is why we prepared this Dos And Don’ts On Your Holiday Marketing! Check it out and get ready for the most wonderful time of the yeeeeear!🎵

While it might seem early to plan for Christmas, it isn’t! The earlier, the better to make sure you plan with enough time to execute properly.


The holiday season is a perfect time to connect with your customers merrily. Whether to show the loyal clients you care about, warm up current leads or even entice new ones with some powerful campaigns, there’s a tremendous chance to use the seasons to your marketing benefit.

Pay attention to these seasonal marketing strategies, so your holiday campaigns can be a big success!

#1: Seasonal Google Ads campaigns

No matter your business model, Google Ads is a great place to get seasonal! So how can one do this? First, create a campaign targeting holiday shoppers!

Target keywords like “gifts for father” or “holiday sweaters.” Then create specific ads and landing pages offering incentives to shop with your store during the holiday season.

To be frank, a holiday marketing plan that doesn’t include Google Ads is an incomplete holiday marketing plan; we know Google Ads it’s a significant compromise, but you don’t have the time and still don’t have an agency. It’s the perfect time to increase leads by letting an expert guide you through the holidays.

Here are a few Google Ads holiday marketing tips to remember:

  • Use seasonal ad copy!
  • Ad extensions are your friends
  • Highlight special offers 
  • Set up ad scheduling

Christmas Sweater Seasonal on Google Adsgoogle ads for ugly sweaters


#2: Sho-Sho-Shopping Campaigns

Physical products and google shopping go hand in hand, so now is the time to treat yourself to your first Google Shopping Campaign! This incredible tool can lead to purchases happening almost instantaneously while you head back with a nice glass of hot cocoa.

The challenge here will be standing out next to your competition, you’ll need enticing images and setting up your campaign correctly, and you will see that these babies can work wonders on converting shoppers during the holiday seasonHalloween - Shopping Campaigns

#3: Jump on the bandwagon of Instagram Ads 

Instagram is the perfect place to make your holiday game shine! We LOVE posting our family and decorations pictures there, so why not add your business to the equation? Posting organically to your account is excellent as well, all though, to really stand out this spooky season, you need to add some money to those excellent products.

Instagram Ads for holidays

#4: Running a Holiday giveaway is as right as rain

Who doesn’t like free stuff? You can never be wrong with a giveaway, and if you run it across all major social media, it is better for your business (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.).

This works not only with free stuff but with other promos like significant discounts, a free add-on with an order or just something that shows your holiday spirit of giving. Don’t forget to ask followers to comment, share, like, etc., so you can have to reach and engage.Holiday giveaway

#5: Let’s get seasonal in email

It’s a no-brainer; email it’s just a big part of the holiday marketing game. Be cheerful, be fun, be you and connect with your audience through their inboxes.

And people may not have ended up buying your product specifically, but it will remind them that they could use your service for an upcoming opportunity.

Don’t forget to pay close attention to your email subject lines when marketing for the holidays. It’s essential to give them an incentive and instill urgency.

Happy old Santa Claus sending an email


EXTRA TIP: Festive & fun display ads

You might want to start thinking about your needs from outside resources soon to plan for your holiday display campaigns.

Cheerful images on Facebook, Instagram and the display network can really help create a strong connection between your brand and your leads. 

Pumpkin season


DON’TS 🙅‍♀️

Continuing with our Dos And Don’ts On Your Holiday Marketing Strategy, remember that while not all campaigns are created equal, there are some things that everyone should avoid.

#1. Not understanding your buyer personas.

Business 101: understand your customer. 

This is advice given over and over again, but it’s crucial on holiday for marketing success. 

Your brand would stand apart from competitors if you built your marketing campaign specifically for your buyer personas.

Not understanding your buyer personas



#2. Focusing on only one tactic.

Don’t get us wrong, you should spend the majority of your time focusing on one tactic. Still, you should also have others running, like influencer marketing or display ads; use the holiday season to try some new and exciting tactic, maybe… Facebook shop?

Tactics on social media


#3. Last-minute campaigns.

One of the most common mistakes during the holidays is late planning.

Businesses lose early holiday shoppers all the time; you’ll need to get those campaign ideas rolling ASAP. We assume you planned your spooky season campaigns since August; please tell us you did! And don’t get us started on when you should be planning the winter season.

last minute plans or campaigns


#4. Over-emailing.

Have you ever gone to your inbox and just get super annoyed at a brand that sent you 3 emails in one day? Well, you don’t want to be that brand.

You want their attention, and for that, you need to send emails that add value and creativity; capture subscribers’ eyes. 

Less junk mail, less work for your team and more overall customer satisfaction.

Junk Mail - over-emailing


#5. Doing it yourself

Yes, we want you to embrace your business and most times do your own marketing sounds like a good idea, but keep in mind that the holiday season is a jungle, and everyone needs to stand out. Sometimes that means hiring a pro to get those customers.

Maybe this upcoming season it’s the perfect time to ho ho hire one 😉

Digital Marketing - Expert dog

We hope these Dos And Don’ts On Your Holiday Marketing have helped you with your marketing plans for these upcoming holidays, and don’t forget that all we want for Christmas is to help yooooou 🎵