Back in 2010 all the way up to 2012, there was an 800% increase in searches for infographics. With the advancement of technology, that number has only grown over the past decade. Infographics are incredibly powerful and can be great for a marketing strategy in terms of content.

Infographics inject an element of fun into any web marketing campaign while being incredibly effective. It’s the perfect combination of data that is factual with appealing visuals. Data is brought to life through colours, images, and even metaphors, depending on how your campaign rolls out.

Here are some of the many benefits of using infographics for lead generation:

How Infographics Can Increase Your Leads Infographic

Infographics are incredibly eye-catching and have strong powers of persuasion 

By default, figures, numbers, and statistics appeal to people. Information is key and one of the best ways to get seemingly boring yet crucial data out there is through infographics. For the most part, it allows for plenty of data to be compiled conveniently. 

What really makes this compilation of data appealing is the easy way it can be digested. Visually representing something makes for an easier time getting necessary insights. Your content value will then rise exponentially. Something that is easy to comprehend will make a lasting impression. This means people will then be far more likely to revisit the image and even share it with others. 178% more inbound links were generated by blogs that had infographics, Hubspot found.

Infographics are clear proof of your expertise

When information is shared through an infographic, you’re able to place your company or organization in the position of expert. Brand credibility is also boosted through this. It takes quite some time to do the proper research necessary for good infographic design. There’s also a lot of experience and knowledge required there.

Aside from an appreciation for the fresh information they have received, readers will trust you as an expert. All of this plays a role in letting your target audience get to know you better, establish trust, and even like your company or organization.

Infographics bring your website more visitors

When the infographic is incredibly appealing, traffic to your website will increase naturally. At least one more person will see your content with each share or even just a click. Now more than ever, in the age of Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and the like, visual content is far more likely to be shared.

It’s key to incorporate search into the planning and creation of an infographic. Keywords matter, and this also applies to infographics. No matter how complex the ideas are and how many facts there are, it should be possible to simplify everything in an infographic. Leads are best generated by making a positive, memorable impression.


Infographics are incredibly helpful for lead generation to your website. They are appealing and informative all at once, letting people read and understand them easily. More importantly, done correctly, it creates a lasting impression on whoever sees it and allows for brand recall. 

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