Infographics Vancouver

Work with Ballistic Arts to display your business through engaging infographics that are educational and entertaining.

Turn your data into captivating infographics that will keep your audience engaged. Our team can visually translate your data points into a memorable story. Your collected research is important, so share your data in way that makes sense for everyone.

Interactive Infographics

Don’t just display your content. Make it interactive! Viewers can hover or scroll through the content with special effects that will engage their attention. Create a positive experience for your clients and let them get to know your business in an unique way.

Print infographics

Need an easy way for your clients to understand your business or services when they walk in the door? Print infographics are a great way to educate your clients by engaging their attention.

There are many ways to present your business in visuals. Our infographic design services include:

  • Illustration
  • Icon design
  • Statistical info graphics
  • Data visualisation
  • Process illustration 
  • Instructional info
  • Informative info
  • Historical info
  • Demographic info
  • Geographic info