Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO troubles?
Room for improvement?
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We have the tools to help you optimize your site. We provide full site audits, monthly reports, keyword research and everything your site needs to perform at it’s highest capabilities on the major search engines.

Website SEO Audits

Building a strong presence in Search Engine Results requires a thorough understanding of your site’s existing strengths and weaknesses. There are an increasing number of important factors that google and the major search engines consider when ranking websites. Our SEO audits consider all of all of these factors and distill the complex technical landscape into a list of technical, organizational, and content priorities that can easily be tackled in an orderly fashion while providing detailed analysis of your current site and next steps for continual improvement.

We take into consideration the following and more: Keyword Density, URL Structure, Page Speed, Content, Responsiveness, Accessibility, Design, Heading Structure, Title and Meta Descriptions, Titles and Alt tags, etc.

Keyword Research

In order to reach your businesses SEO goals we need to align the following:

  1. Your business’ core services
  2. Your potential clients’ search terms

This allows us to work with you to create specific, high performing, achievable goals for the keywords most relevant to your business. For example:

Searchable Keywords

We make sure you’re choosing the right keywords to generate the most traffic by providing a metric for the keyword’s value and competitiveness – we also work with you to create an understanding of how these and other factors can influence keyword effectiveness. The example below shows what people are searching for in the “Pet Grooming” industry. There’s a very large, important difference between the high performing keywords and the low performing keywords here:

SEO Breakdown

The services that your business offers won’t necessarily line up with what your potential customers are searching for. That’s why it’s extremely important to identify the keywords that will drive the most traffic to your site as well as those that are most likely to lead to conversion.

Geo-Targeted Keywords

We identify your business’ core area of operation and help you shape relevant content and keywords. You could be a shipping company that operates throughout Western Canada, a Vancouver based franchise, or a storefront in Coquitlam, and each has region specific keyword needs to reach their audience. Our job is to make your business visible to potential customers in your area.

Monthly SEO Reports

Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process. That’s why we provide monthly updates which review your site’s performance and offer suggestions for improvement.

Our SEO Reports include the following:

Monthly and Yearly Comparisons

Traffic fluctuates over time. To ensure your site is trending upwards we compare traffic to previous months and the previous year. This includes individual charted breakdowns for each source or traffic; direct, referral, and search.

Monthly and Yearly SEO Comparison

Page Metrics

We provide page metrics that analyze your most popular landing pages. We detail time spent on page, number of hits, and bounce rate.

Social Analytics

Our Social Analytics let you know which of your social networks are generating the most traffic and why. This allows you to identify which of your social interactions are generating the most traffic and how effective that traffic is in generating leads.

Competition Benchmarks

In order to see how you stack up against your competition we take your top 20 competitors and see where you rank against them. This benchmark gives us an opportunity to improve your traffic by seeing what your most successful competitors are doing right, and what your least successful competitors are doing wrong.

Keyword Analysis

Our first step was to identify which keyword terms your business should be tracking. Our next step is to provide a monthly update on where you’re ranking for each term and identify opportunities for improvement.

SEO Keyword Rankings

Visibility Index

This is an overall ranking of how visible your website is. Comparing all keywords and search terms that are relevant to your business.

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