Video Production Vancouver

Are your customers lapsing into small comas because your corporate videos are so boring? Can’t keep your internal communications short and sweet?

The Ballistic Arts’ video production team in Vancouver can create effective and engaging videos from script and concept all the way to production and delivery. If you’re hurting for some amazing video storytelling, it’s time to give us a call.

We’ve been producing corporate videos in Vancouver for 15 years.

That’s 15 years of learning, growing, and producing videos for every type of client. Motion graphics videos showing the dangers dumping your pharmaceuticals down the toilet? We’ve done that. Large scale arial video captures of silver mining accompanied by motion graphics to visualize data for investors? We excel at hybrid video production.

Video production workflow that works for us and you.

We follow specific video production workflows to maintain consistency with every project we do. It’s important for everyone from our clients to our creative team to be aligned during the comprehensive process to keep the project on schedule and on budget.

 Our experience adds value and our video team kicks ass. Learn about our video production services below and choose an option that best suits your companies needs.

Live Action Video Production Icon

Live Action Video

There is always a story to tell and Ballistic Arts’ strategic video production process will unearth the right messages and optimal visuals to tell the story right.

Live action videos are proven to increase online engagement. It’s such an effective marketing strategy that 93% of marketers use video production for online marketing, sales and communication.

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Motion Design Video Production Graphic

Motion Design Videos

Explanations don’t have to be plain and boring. We make explainer animations with characters that can lead the viewers through the content. By the end of the video, viewers will have a clear understanding of your products and services. 

Your content comes to life within animated sequences and focused screen layouts.

41% of marketing professionals consider a “lack of compelling content” to be one of the most challenging obstacles of video marketing. This is another reason why incorporating motion graphics into your online presence might be the best option for you. Send the exact message you want to your audience without the need for a picturesque backdrop or George Clooney looking actors.

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Video Storytelling

Hybrid Videos

Are you looking to create a sleek and sophisticated presentation? Do you want a video that will stand-out from everyone else? Hybrid videos are eye-catching displays of information and live environments that let your data do the talking.

53% of marketing professionals worldwide named video as the type of content with the best ROI and hybrid video production is the top of the pack. Live action videos draw in attention while motion graphics illustrate useful data and sales opportunities to your audience.

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