Live-Action Videos

Appeal to everyone with a live-action video. Seeing and hearing real people provides authenticity.

Let our professionals develop a script into a persuasive story that best suits your business needs and objectives. We can help convert strangers into loyal customers with a touch of video magic.

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Benefits of Live Action Videos

Seeing is believing.

The common attribute every business has, is that their customers are human. Using human faces, objects or places build stronger emotional connections with your viewer.

Seeing your product or service does influence your viewer’s purchasing decision. Having our creative video crew capture your company’s work culture and office environment can open new possibilities, inspire your audience and attract customers to work with you. We showcase the best you have to offer.

Types of Live-Action Video

There are many!

  • Explainer
  • Company Profiles
  • Broadcast Commercial
  • Online Commercial
  • Customer Testimonial
  • Internal Communications
  • Culture / Recruiting
  • Staff Training
  • Event Documentation
  • Product Demonstration

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