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Bringing a community vision into a reality

Bringing a community vision into a reality


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Real Estate Development

Noting our biggest project to date, Ballistic Arts is honoured to be a big part of the development of Burke MountainVillage. Over the past few years, Vancouver has had a lack of supply of housing, which is why in today’s housing market, buyers and renters are needing to spend an increasing amount to secure a home. The City of Coquitlam wanted to address this and was looking for creative solutions. That’s when the vision and development of Burke Mountain Village began, by building a community, not just homes.


In 2007 the journey started with initial ideation between design teams including landscape architects, architects, planners, local citizens, and students. They came together to visualize what the commercial village centre in Northeast Coquitlam might look like.

In 2018, the vision to build an ecologically sustainable, economically viable, community-relevant was born. Burke Mountain Village (formally known as Partington Creek Neighbourhood Centre) wanted to show a successful example of how a liveable and vibrant community can be created in a mountainside and environmentally sensitive setting.

The problem: When Burke Mountain Village approached Ballistic Arts they had the vision of what they wanted for the village and were looking for a creative direction to turn the vision into reality by creating the branding elements, messaging, signage and more. 

The solution: Ballistic Arts worked with the City of Coquitlam to develop the brand name of Burke Mountain Village, the brand positioning statement, the branding elements, such as the brand colours, logo and typography, and physical signage and placement for this brand. Ballistic Arts also developed customized designs with maps, videos and drone shots, and a new, interactive and information-rich website to bring the project into the digital space. Keep reading to see how we tailored our services to fit the project's needs. 


Not only did Burke Mountain Village need a digital website, but it also needed traditional marketing tactics in the City of Coquitlam itself. Wayfinding signage was produced and strategically placed on close-by roads and spaces throughout the city to increase visibility. The drone footage was taken to capture the beauty of the Burke Mountain region and show the strong presence of its beautiful nature. This footage also showcased the new developments as the first homes were built. 


To stay true to the brand's essence, signage highlighting benefits and giving more information to residents and visitors needed to be designed to showcase the new and evolving growth of Burke Mountain Village. The design team at Ballistic Arts took this opportunity to create a wide variety of unique signage to be in The Burke Mountain Village Discovery Centre, which is a centre filled with interactive maps and informational posters geared toward the residents and the public and prospective developers to learn more about the vision and master plan for Burke Mountain Village. These interactive maps show hiking trails and nature in the surrounding area and a QR code that generates leads for Burke Mountain Village.

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