ABCFP Hybrid Recruitment Video

The Ballistic Arts video production team constructed an upbeat and inspiring recruitment video for The Association of BC Forest Professionals.


Association of BC Forest Professionals


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Our video combines real life footage with eye-catching graphics to deliver our client's message in a clear and concise way.

ABCFP supplied us with exciting action shots and beautiful footage that was shot by their members. A slight desaturation of the video and green overlays create a dynamic and exciting tone. We incorporated a green colour scheme to match the association's existing brand.


"Ballistic Arts is a pleasure to work with! I have used them for three projects at two different organizations and I plan on hiring them again in the future. The motion graphic videos they created for me have been amazing and were a total hit with our audiences. Our "live person" videos have also been superb. Ballistic Arts always manages to deliver an excellent video on time and on budget. I look forward to working with them in the future!" - Amanda Brittain, Former Director of Communications, ABCFP

The Association of BC Forest Professionals have been enforcing British Columbia's Foresters Act since 1947.

In other words, their members make sure that our forests are in good hands. The association hired us to produce a recruitment video that would attract viewers and make them want to learn more about a career in the forest industry.

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