ACEC Web Design & Motion Graphics Video

We created a website design and motion graphics video that made it easy for users to fully understand the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies' Qualifications Based Selection process.




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The video production team at Ballistic Arts Media Studios wrote, produced, and edited a short animated video that breaks down the QBS procedure in an amusing way.

The motion graphic video introduces Quentin, ACEC’s illustrated project hero. Our talented motion graphic designer, Roswell Cho, narrated the video and took on the role of Quentin. As there is a lot of important content in the video, a bright and friendly animation style was used to help the viewer get a better sense of the information that is being presented to them.

The Ballistic Arts graphic design and website design crew produced an attractive and easy-to-update custom WordPress website for ACEC.

The web design was based off of our QBS motion graphics video. It incorporates Quentin, ACEC’s illustrated project hero, and other flat design elements. The site features custom illustrated icons, quick links to resources, and real profiles of individuals who have used the Qualifications Based Selection method.

The Association of Consulting Engineering Companies British Columbia is a not-for-profit organization that represents 90 consulting engineering companies.

These companies provide engineering and other technology-based intellectual services to the public and private sectors. ACEC-BC employs over 9,000 engineers, geoscientists, technicians, technologists and other support staff in BC. Qualifications Based Selection is an organized and transparent process for selecting the most appropriate engineering firm for any project. ACEC-BC was in need of a simple and informative campaign video that introduced their Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) process.

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