Alture Properties Brand & Website

Our web developers and graphic designers joined forces to create a brand and website that conveys passion, creativity, capability, value, and innovation, earning a nomination for a 2018 Georgie Award.


Alture Properties


  • Real Estate Development

Alture's brand utilizes strong geometrical lines and a bold colour while still being approachable and human.

Our goal was to produce a custom WordPress website that was just as authentic and innovative as Alture Properties.

We used subtle animations and transitions to draw attention to the attractive web design. With each click of a navigation arrow or roll of a mouse, users are presented with full screen web pages upon first load. This allows us to present content in a dedicated manner, which was purposefully designed to showcase one primary subject.

Alture is norm-breaking, industry leading sustainable developments.

They understands that the next generation of homeowners demand more from their homes, and are driven to deliver sustainable, innovative, and beneficial solutions that elevate the standard both for homeowners and the planet.

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