Arbutus Sundecks Promotional Video

Inspiring confidence in customers, our video production team created a live action video showcasing the full range of services that Arbutus Sundecks team offers to ensure your deck is in the best condition.


Arbutus Sundecks


  • Architecture
  • Construction


Showcasing the process from start to finish

By documenting each step of working with Arbutus Sundecks, our video team could show the full scope of services provided in a simple, yet informative way to engage the audience. Clear scripting, clean and professional imagery and straightforward storytelling makes this a fun and enjoyable video.

Arbutus Sundecks helps you fulfill your deck building dreams

Dedicated to delivering quality, Arbutus Sundecks provides expertise and professionalism every single step of the way. They service areas all through Greater Vancouver and have a team of certified experts using modern technologic techniques to provide the absolute best in build maintenance.

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