Archstone Corporate Identity & Web Design

The graphic design and website design teams at Ballistic Arts Media Studios banded together to create a cohesive and high-end brand for Archstone.




  • Real Estate Development

To make Archstone's brand truly unique, we designed a friendly brand mascot named Archie.

Archie is meant to be the human-faced side of Archstone. He is a knowledgeable site supervisor who tells the Archstone story in a manner that is relatable to home buyers. Archie can be found in the presentation centre, site signage, print advertisements, and other promotional marketing materials. When he speaks, he is always seen with a speech bubble and a phrase that coincides with Archstone's messaging and the "always impressive" tagline.

Our web design & development team created a contemporary and responsive site that guides users through the Archstone story.

Archstone's Yorkson irregular grid styled website perfectly combines clean typography and striking imagery. The website uses Archstone’s natural colour scheme of green, brown and white. Two shades of green are used to create dynamism among the site’s graphic stylization and treatments. Green is also used as an action colour, and highlights the call-to-action buttons on the website. Our goal was to produce a site that is easy to navigate, and allows users to find site plans, floorplans, and other important information quickly.

Our talented graphic designers provided Archstone with marketing materials such as business cards, feature sheets, floorplans, a neighbourhood map, and a folder.

The corporate folder will be used by Archstone's sales representatives and prospects. The folder features the Archstone story, two custom circular die cuts, and spot gloss finish on the front cover. We included the green Archstone arch at the bottom of their letterhead, business cards, and other marketing collateral to establish a consistent brand.

Archstone is a real estate development company that specializes in building high-quality homes throughout the Lower Mainland.

The Archstone family isn't interested in taking the easiest path to success. In fact, their staff members don't believe in just constructing homes. They work hard to build thoughtfully designed communities for families.

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