B2Gold CSR Brochure Design

The graphic design team at Ballistic Arts created a corporate social responsibility brochure for Vancouver-based global gold producer, B2Gold. We wanted to create a brochure for business partners and clients of B2Gold to see the positive impact B2Gold has had on lives in the different countries where they do work.


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Our designers created a concept for the brochure that incorporated B2Gold’s current branding, using a modern look with geometric shapes that guide viewers’ eyes through the pages. We utilized white space to accentuate strong, punchy headlines. B2Gold has beautiful, extensive photography of the social responsibility projects they have taken on around the world that we were able to highlight in their CSR brochure. We also created a timeline of their impressive collection of international CSR awards.


B2Gold is the world's new senior gold producer and currently has 5 operational gold mines around the globe. They take pride in the socio-economic impact their mines have had on local populations, and continue to prioritize environmental management and social responsibility in their developments and exploration.

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