Bastion Website Design & Development

The Ballistic Arts web design team worked with Bastion Development to refine their website in order to attract more interest in their commercial and rental home properties from the public. We created a website design that was easy to navigate, allowing potential renters and partners to easily explore Bastion’s portfolio and galleries.


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Our goal was to create a website for Bastion that had a strong visual impact on visitors, and that was easy to navigate to find important information. Considering Bastion’s two main audiences: bankers or potential partners, and young, urban renters, we made sure to highlight Bastion’s property galleries and make all important contact information, application forms, and next steps clear and accessible.


Bastion Development designs and builds homes and commercial properties in premium locations along the west coast. They provide living spaces in locations close to urban and natural amenities for renters to enjoy, as well as commercial and warehouse spaces for lease in prime business neighbourhoods or industrial parks.

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