Agriculture Website Design for BC Egg

The web and design teams at Ballistic arts created a new, accessible, agriculture website design for non-profit organization BC Egg. Our goal was to update their site, making it easier for users to navigate, and keeping the extensive information on the site organized. We also wanted to better incorporate several new features BC Egg has created, such as a video series and an interactive guide to where consumer’s eggs come from.

BC Egg mobile site


We used friendly fonts and colours while creating clearly labelled pages to guide users through news, recipes, and animal care information. The site utilizes white space to create a clear flow of information and guide users through the different pages. We created the site with BC Egg’s staff in mind, making it easy for them to access the back-end of the site to add or edit pages.

BC Egg desktop mockup website


BC Egg is a non-profit organization that oversees and manages the BC egg industry. They strive to keep the egg industry in BC sustainable and environmentally responsible.

Get egg-ucated BC Egg website
BC Egg error page website


"I've worked with Ballistic Arts on several projects including videos, photography and, most recently, a website revamp. All of the staff I've worked with have been professional, friendly and just great human beings. I've never been anything but thrilled with the results."

- Amanda Brittain, BC Egg

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