BC Shopping Centre Association Website Design and Development

BC Shopping Center Association (BCSCA) has been a long-standing client of Ballistic Arts. So when their team was looking to transform their association website design, they were more than confident that our team would rise to the challenge.




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The Benefits of a Great Design

The Ballistic Arts team had a goal to create an association website design that not only had a seamless user experience but also properly showcased and highlighted the benefits of BCSCA to current and potential members. To achieve this goal, it was extremely important that the website presented key content in a clean, curated and organized way, paired with smooth and seamless micro-animations to provide more depth and interactivity. Utilizing the WordPress front-end design and interfacing the website with their association management back-end software makes the design custom while utilizing the power of their membership portal.

Building Relationships

This website design was important to our team as we value the relationships with our clients and continue to build this partnership with BCSCA. We are very pleased with the positive response from this redesign and are excited to continue to grow and support BCSCA.

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