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Our mission: To develop a new logo and brand, website, and video for CFHCA. Our goal: To simplify the massive technical content into easy and appealing graphics for regular people to understand hydrogen fuel cells and its sustainable benefits.




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CHFCA | A Fresh New Brand

The CHFCA logo mark has been further developed and modernized from its original design. The strong geometric shape represents CHFCA’s strong presence within the industry, while the multiple segments of the cube represent the multiple parts that make up a fuel cell. The Ballistic Arts branding team designed a logo that pays homage to the fuel cell itself - with the two colours representing the anode and the cathode, while the lines denote the flow fields. The colour palette is vibrant and bright. Orange representing energy, warmth, and change, and blue indicating knowledge and respectability within the industry.

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A Website to Push the Industry Forward

CHFCA's new Wordpress website design presents the new design and brand in a way that better serves their membership, while informing the general public about who they are. With a modular modern design, a member directory, a secure members area, infographic visuals, and carousel animations, this latest look brings the organizations mission to life.

Re-branding the Evolution of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

Overall, this is a full creative brand overhaul, and Ballistic Arts was delight to have been at the helm of it. The website team is a much cleaner and more modern version of their previous website. Our video department collaborated with CHFCA to create a motion graphic video to highlight key facts about hydrogen and fuel cells. The video is intended to be embedded on their new website and played at trade booths.

World-Renown Expertise

The video informs viewers that Canada is a global leader in Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology. Our country has a twenty-five-year history of partnerships between industry, academia, and governments. The CHFCA represents the Canadian industry and research centres active in the hydrogen and fuel cell sector, as well as international automotive manufacturers developing and marketing fuel cell vehicles in Canada. The CHFCA is playing a key role in this leadership.

Massive Potential for a Sustainable Future

Fuel cell technology is set to unleash its massive potential for a sustainable future. Fuel cells can deliver the zero-pollution, high-efficiency answer to much of our global warming challenges we see today. This technology is being used for transit buses, full-size transport trucks, passenger cars, and ships.

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