Single Page Website for Cascadia Innovation Corridor

The Ballistic Arts design and web development teams worked together to create a vibrant, modern, single page website for the Cascadia Innovation Corridor. Our goal was to create simple, informational website to teach users more about the goals and potential benefits of the development of the Cascadia Innovation Corridor.


  • Technological Development


We used bright colours and white space to create a modern, fun look on the single page website, while using green and natural imagery to represent the Pacific Northwest, where the Cascadia Innovation Corridor is located. This single page site is compatible with desktop and mobile devices, and includes all the information viewers need to know, as well as partner and contact information, on it’s accessible landing page.


Cascadia Innovation Corridor is a cross-border group that works together with government, education, and business leaders to propose and make important technological advancements in the Pacific Northwest. With a focus on Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver, Cascadia Innovation Corridor’s goal is to connect the Pacific Northwest by improving innovation in transportation, research, and economic development.

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