City of New Westminster Urban Solar Garden Informational Video

Our Ballistic Arts video production specialists created a motion graphics video for the City of New West to encourage residents to invest in the Urban Solar Garden community initiative.


City of New Westminster


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Informational Video
Informational Video
Informational Video

Bringing together the community, promoting sustainability through Informational Video

Clean line art illustrations with pops of vibrant colour convey a modern and upbeat mood for this informational video. The dynamic motion graphics and easy going music reinforces a feel good and lively tone. The video reinforces the City of New Westminster’s efforts to provide the community with local, clean, and affordable energy.

New Westminster’s Urban Solar Garden is part of the Energy Save New West program and aims to provide the community with renewable energy

The Urban Solar Garden is one of many projects that the City of New Westminster is undertaking to provide residences with a sustainable community. Committed to environmental protection, the City is bringing the oldest city in Western Canada into the future with self-sustaining renewable energy.

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