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Our video production specialists created a heartfelt video series that showcases the personal stories of 5 individuals and their experiences with mental health in the workplace.


Canadian Mental Health Association


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The videos were presented during the Canadian Mental Health Association's 2017 Bottom Line Conference at the Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Downtown Hotel.

Our film crew visited a union hall in Langley, a bank, skyscraper, and fire hall in Vancouver, and an office building in Montreal to record the live action videos. The series features inspirational music tracks, intimate interviews, and a diverse group of mental health advocates.

The Canadian Mental Health Association is a national charity that has helped maintain and improve Canadian mental health for 99 years.

They support the resilience and recovery of people who are experiencing mental illness, and provide a wide range of services that are tailored to our communities. CMHA’s annual National Bottom Line Conference brings business leaders, union representatives, policy-makers, researchers, and workers together in order to improve mental health in Canadian workplaces.

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