Infographic Design for the Chartered Professional Accountants of BC

The graphic design team at Ballistic Arts worked on a series of infographics to be used as a part of the Chartered Professional Accountants of BC Regional 2018 Check-Up. Our goal was to clearly display work, investment, and living statistics in different areas of BC as collected by CPABC in a inviting way.


Our infographic design team took a large amount of complex information and turned it into seven distinct and easy-to-read presentations. Each infographic design finds a unique way to emphasize different stats relevant to CPA while summarizing important information in a “highlights” box. We included simple, friendly illustrations and closely followed CPA’s brand standards throughout. The infographic designs are easy to display on CPA’s website and social media pages.

infographic design


The Chartered Professional Accountants of BC is a member organization of CPA Canada, and represents over 35,000 members and 5,000 students across BC. They are are responsible for the training and certification of CPA students, as well as the regulation and professional development of CPAs.

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