College of Pharmacists of British Columbia 125th Anniversary Motion Graphics Video

The College of Pharmacists of British Columbia celebrated their 125th Anniversary with a motion graphics video that provided a general overview of their past accomplishments while reinforcing the College’s mission, values, and vision for the future of pharmacy in BC.


College Of Pharmacists Of BC


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The video production team at Ballistic Arts Media Studios produced an attractive motion graphics video that clearly communicated the progress the College has made throughout the years.

The colours that were used in the video were limited to white, blue, green, and gray to keep CPBC’s corporate identity strong. In addition to a bright colour scheme, friendly animation style, and a feel good music bed, the video team used historical photos from the College of Pharmacists' archives to create a warm and inspiring tone.


"The video looks great – looking forward to getting started on the next one! Big thank you to you and your team!" - Jon Chen, Communications, College of Pharmacists of British Columbia

The College of Pharmacists of BC is a regulatory body that is responsible for licensing pharmacies, and registering pharmacists and pharmacy technicians throughout the province.

They exist to protect the public by ensuring that pharmacists and pharmacy technicians provide safe, ethical, and effective care. CPBC also enforces standards and promotes best practices for the delivery of pharmacy care in British Columbia.

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