Credential investWELL Promotional Videos

Inspiring confidence in Credential’s new smart financial solution and software with two professional live-action and motion graphic videos for both end-user consumers and credit union partners.


Credential Financial


  • Financial Services


Connecting true wellness and simplicity with personal finance through professional imagery and motion graphics.

Speaking to the values of Credential’s different audiences, this campaign embodies the new product’s honest and helpful voice. Credential is invested in helping their customers and partners reach their goals with solutions that are uncomplicated and empowering. Our video team brought to life these attributes through clean and professional, but also down-to-earth and straightforward imagery and storytelling.

investWELL Never Stops Working for You

investWELL is a specialized part of Credential Financial. They are a natural wealth management firm with over 25 years of experience in the Canadian financial services industry. With investWELL, Canadians have an affordable, easy to use solution that builds sustainable financial wellness.

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