CVRD Recycling Video Production

The Ballistic Arts video production crew produced a motion graphics video that illustrates the importance of recycling in Cowichan Valley and explains which types of items are accepted in the district's curbside recycling program.


Cowichan Valley Regional District


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Our short and concise video emphasizes that plastic bags are not accepted in the program because they tangle up recycling sorting machines.

The typography that was used in the video was limited to the fonts that are consistent with CVRD's brand standards. Our video uses primary colours that are based on the website to provide consistency with the district's Zero Waste campaign. Dots and curve line textures were also used throughout the motion graphics video to create depth.


"Thank-you! This project has been a great experience for us as well. It’s wonderful to work with a team of such hardworking and talented people." - Lindsey Haist, Environmental Technician, Cowichan Valley Regional District

Cowichan Valley is a Regional District that is located on the southern part of Vancouver Island between the cities of Victoria and Nanaimo.

It's magnificent old-growth forests, alluring beaches, and meandering rivers attract many outdoor adventurers each year. The CVRD has a 15 member Board that provides a broad range of Regional, Sub-regional, and local services to it's residents. As a local government, the CVRD Board of Directors also deals with local issues on a region-wide perspective.

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