maison d’etre – Digital Marketing for Renovations, a Story of Success

maison d’etre is an award-winning renovation company located in Vancouver, looking to find new customers by improving their online digital marketing efforts.


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Building a Base - Top of Funnel

Maison D’etre is an award-winning renovation company in Vancouver, in search of creative ways to reach new audiences and customers on social media. The renovations company initially managed their social media in-house, but quickly realized that they needed the support of professional digital marketers to promote the maison brand. This is how the collaboration between maison d’etre and Ballistic Arts began. Our projects together included strategic planning and implementation, content creation, lead generation, content distribution, and new customer acquisition.

When our collaboration began, maison d'etre was very clear when communicating their company's goals. They wanted to find ways to raise awareness of their brand and gain new clients. The company was not very active on social media prior to our collaboration, so we needed to build a foundation and work from the ground up. We helped the company align their brand voice as well as the type of content that would be ideal for their socials.

As gaining awareness was their initial goal, we decided to create a video campaign to highlight the services maison d'etre provides: Shortly after we began working on the top of the funnel goal of gaining awareness. We promoted the company's videos and developed creative ideas for social media. People began engaging with the content we produced and it helped in building conversation around the maison brand.

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Retargeting Campaign - Middle & Bottom of Funnel

After successfully building awareness of the maison d’etre Brand, we repurposed the data we gained to set up ads that are focused on converting interested parties into qualified leads.  We started off by setting up a Facebook pixel on their website and retargeting the audiences whom previously showed interest in the company's services.   We then created a targeted Facebook and Instagram lead capture campaign to help easily convert interested clients. This allowed us to minimize our marketing spend and receive high quality leads for a reduced price. Generating conversions was exactly the result our team was tasked with, which we successfully executed on.

Through constant testing and A/B optimization, we identified a tactic to further decrease our price per lead. After implementing our strategy and gathering valuable data from previous campaigns, we started to drive down the cost per lead. As a result, we surpassed the client's initial goals, as we continued to source relevant leads for the company.

Without a doubt, this campaign has to lead to a very happy customer for Ballistic Arts. Maison d'etre has turned into a valued long-term All Access Pass client for our company. We are still growing the maison d’etre brand on an ongoing basis, and we hope it lasts for many years to come!

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Final Results

We managed to outperform the industry standards by 1129%!!!

This is one of the best lead-gen campaigns launched in Ballistic Arts till this very day! This allowed us to provide our clients leads that cost less than 1/10 of the average price.

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