Video Production for Down Syndrome Research Foundation

The Ballistic Arts video team created a foundation awareness video for the Down Syndrome Research Foundation that highlights the story of one family that benefits from their services. The video showcases the ways DSRF has been able to support Sadie Gates and her family through their journey from Sadie’s childhood until today. DSRF’s support is outlined in connection to Sadie’s achievements and future goals. The video encourages viewers to support DSRF’s initiatives by donating.


  • Not-for-profit Organization



This 3-minute video includes interviews with Sadie’s family on location in their home, as well as action shots on location at Sadie’s school. The foundation awareness video includes uplifting, warm instrumental music, as well as several establishing shots of the different locations where Sadie spends her time.


The Down Syndrome Research Foundation strives to empower individuals with Down syndrome by providing programs, services, and support networks. They promote the social and economic inclusion of individuals with Down syndrome in Canada.

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