Infographic Designs for Vancouver’s Eldorado Gold

The Ballistic Arts graphic design team worked on two updated infographic designs for Eldorado Gold’s 2017 Sustainability Report. Our goal was to create bright, engaging infographics that allow Eldorado to share their processes with their audience.


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Infographic Designs


We created two different infographic designs for Eldorado Gold: one infographic on economic impacts, and the other infographic on water flow through a mine site. Each infographic had unique design considerations and needed to be versatile for use in the report as well as on Eldorado’s website, social media, and in print. We used a “birds eye view” perspective of mining sites to give viewers an interactive look at what Eldorado Gold does.

Infographic Designs
Infographic Designs


Eldorado Gold is a global gold mining company operating in six countries. With 4 mines currently producing gold, they have a commitment to responsible operations and safety in the work they do.

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