Encorp Pacific Animated Video

Our video production specialists created a motion graphics video that encourages consumers to return their Bi-Metal and Pouch beverage containers to their local bottle depot.


Encorp Pacific


  • Beverage Container Management


Our video features a personified drink pouch who is talking to a psychologist about his problem of not being included in the recycling for the Return-It Depot.

The fourteen second video uses a custom color palette that is based off of Encorp's brand. We chose to use bright and dynamic hues that will attract attention on social media feeds. Solid colours with outlines were a used throughout the motion graphics video to create modern look, while halftone effects establish an old comic book illustration style.


"I thought your team did a great job, the videos turned out great. Most importantly they did a fantastic job listening and learning about some of the requirements that comes with working on our brand. You guys will be on the top of the list for any other similar projects." - Chris Campbell, Manager of Marketing Programs, Encorp Pacific (Canada)

Encorp Pacific is a not-for-profit product stewardship corporation that manages beverage container recycling in British Columbia.

Their primary mission is to collect used beverage containers from consumers and return them for recycling on behalf of more than 300 beverage brand owners. Encorp’s activities in 2015 contributed to the reduction of about 98.8 thousand tonnes of CO2 equivalent being released into the atmosphere.

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