Expert Videos for Maison d’Etre to Showcase Their Industry Knowledge

The video team at Ballistic Arts created a series of short, informational “Expert Videos” for Vancouver home renovation company Maison d’etre. Our goal was to generate awareness for Maison d’etre’s services while showing off the company’s passion and leadership in unique home renovations.


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These quick 30-45 second expert videos cover a few important topics their website visitors may be curious about. This not only illustrates Maison d’etre’s expertise in their field, but also positions them as a thought leader for potential clients. We gave the videos a friendly and professional feel, quickly walking viewers through relevant subjects.


Maison d’etre is a boutique-style home renovation company located in Vancouver. They create custom renovation projects catered to the diverse needs and visions of their clients. Their small, personable team of experts pride themselves on exceeding their clients expectations by providing the personal care and attention needed to make dream home renovations a reality.

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