Fraser Valley Speciality Poultry Promotional Video

Our video production crew created a motion graphics video narrated in both Mandarin and Cantonese to introduce Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry’s unique products to the local Chinese Market in B.C.


Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry


  • Agriculture


Locally raised with care, from their farm to your table

This video was designed using subtle paper textures to create a natural and simple feel. Paired with clean and modern typography, the video conveys a homegrown and friendly mood. The soft colour palette imparts a bright tone while still incorporating the brand’s colours to keep brand recognition.

Fraser Valley Speciality Poultry is a family owned farm dedicated to providing natural and healthy products for the Greater Vancouver area.

The products they offer include ducks, geese, specialty chickens, and squabs and have recently expanded their offerings to ready to eat products. They work with many different stores and shops to bring organic, ethically treated, and top quality products straight to your table.

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