Website Design: Promoting GLOBE Series’ Events

The Ballistic Arts web design and development teams created a new website design for GLOBE Series that further aids them in promoting and providing information about their events that are widely attended by international thought leaders looking to create a sustainable global future. Our goal for the site was to drive registration and provide clear, accessible information about GLOBE Series’ events.


  • Technological Development


We created a colourful, dynamic event website with bold, bright images centering GLOBE Series’ event information in their new website design. The responsive site interacts with users’ cursor as they scroll and navigate through event information and news. We created a condensed and easy-to-navigate experience on GLOBE Series’ blog page, and added as well as simplifying and emphasizing viewer’s ability to get in touch with GLOBE Series.


GLOBE Series has coordinated world-renowned events that accelerate the clean economy for over 25 years. GLOBE events host business, government, and civil society leaders and innovators. These international thought leaders work together by sharing knowledge, opportunities, and solutions, working towards a sustainable and socially just future within a generation.


"We love the new GLOBE sites, and we got them out on time, woot!"
-Alex Carr

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