The Guildford Branding & Web Design

The graphic and website design teams at Ballistic Arts Media Studios banded together to create a fun and cheerful brand for Tangerine Developments.


Tangerine Developments


  • Real Estate Development

Our goal was to create a brand that makes the home buying process fun.

We designed a unique "g" logo mark and proposed to use a bright yellow as The Guildford's primary brand colour to create an easy-to-recognize and highly visible brand identity. Our brochure utilizes this yellow, along with our own imagery and messaging treatment to reflect the development's vibrant community.

Our graphic designers produced vibrant wall and window graphics that brings life to The Guildford's presentation centre.

We used three-dimensional stand-offs to highlight hotspots on our neighbourhood map, and points of interest throughout the community.

Our custom "g" logo mark extends above our sign to grab interest.

The Guildford's bright presentation centre exterior cannot be missed.

Our custom WordPress website portrays the community in a fun fashion by utilizing quirky animated icons.

Tangerine Developments has utilized their passion, drive, and out of the box thinking to create remarkable and purposefully-designed living spaces for the past six years.

The real estate developer strongly believes that home construction is more than the building and profits. They think it is about getting to know their communities and partnering with locals to create beautiful, functional, and comfortable homes.

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