How We Generated 300 Leads in Less Than One Year for Habitat Systems




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A journey through imagination, exhilaration and inclusion.

For over 25 years, Habitat Systems has helped municipalities, landscape architects, schools, daycares, community groups, and others make their outdoor dream space become a reality – from playgrounds and water parks to site furnishings layouts. With services that include site assessments, design recommendations, fundraising support, in-house installations and grand-opening celebration assistance.

With Habitat Systems’ mission to enhance communities in Western Canada by creating playing opportunities for children and innovative outdoor spaces for all to enjoy in mind, their fantastic team decided to look for an expert to achieve a new goal: Slide gracefully into the digital world.

This fantastic partnership between Ballistic Arts and Habitat Systems included lead generation strategy, SEO Support and UI/UX animation for the website.


We set our objectives to drive awareness, get new quality leads, and increase website traffic by 15% each quarter.

We always keep in mind to learn about a client's potential client base to improve targeting accuracy, and with solid targeting assumptions, we can save precious marketing dollars. So as the campaigns progressed, we kept optimizing, learning, testing and evolving.

To generate leads, we set up a Facebook pixel on the client's website and strategically target and retarget users.

This campaign was set up as a lead form campaign, where interested parties could leave their details in an easy and accessible way, without ever leaving Facebook.

Our hard work proved to be successful, showing that we achieved higher than predicted, and currently, we keep increasing the results for this fantastic brand.



We created a personalized strategy that fits the brands’ needs with a deep understanding of the brand personality.

Our strategy included changes to the site to increase domain authority and traffic.
Implementing and optimizing google ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads and youtube
Video creation with the expert members of our video production team
Optimizing blogs regarding SEO best practices
Support with web and social media

We kept in mind to always show the values and benefits of the Habitat System. With our strategy running, our team was ready to check on the results; good news soon followed:

habitat SEO
habitat ads


Using the extraordinary power of UI/UX Design, we worked together to build a scroll-triggered animated site for our inner child to play. We went through every little detail to give the user the best experience while surfing this fantastic website.

We love to go into details to get the best of what we have, and with this brand, we had a huge opportunity to bring a unique user experience; we decided on making improvements such as:
CTA improvement
3D layouts
Video implementation and optimization for web
Smooth scrolling
And more


We assertively managed to grow Habitat Systems’ online presence. Our video creation successfully showcased and differentiated our client from the competition. In less than three months, our campaigns drove more than 30% higher results than predicted.

With our personalized strategy for Habitat Systems, we accomplished more than expected. Our client reported that we delivered leads of high quality, translating into a high revenue business for them. Going forward, it has been relatively easy for us to keep using the collected data to generate more and more leads and drive down the cost per lead even further.

We felt like kids at a playground working alongside this fantastic brand.

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