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A Web Presence That Sends a Clear Message

Hayer Builders Group adheres to a high standard for design and implementing vision to reality and working alongside these visionaries Ballistic Arts created a web presence that showcases their impressive portfolio of projects and conveys their design story. A story told with incredible imagery, consistent and bold typography, and a strict adherence to design details.

Creating a Digital Brand Identity

For Hayer Builders Group it was absolutely important that they receive a website that implemented their visual brand identity from an easy-to-use back-end. Ballistic Arts worked to establish a digital brand identity that would act as the framework for all design, text, and layout designs for the website. With a shared vision and cohesive guideline the Ballistic Arts Web Development team created an intuitive back-end so that Hayer Builders Group to maintain and create content that adhered to their visual identity.

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Give us a jingle: Call us today and learn how our team can take your project to the next level. Our team can be reached at 604.553.1081. You can also visit our online contact page here.