Explainer Video Motion Graphics for L2 Cafe

The Ballistic Arts motion graphics team worked with L2 Cafe to produce an explainer video that clearly describes the unique services they provide to their clients. We collaborated with L2 Cafe to create a tone and theme for their video that reflected their audience as well as their brand and services.


  • Financial Services


Explainer Video
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Explainer Video Motion Graphics for software company L2 Cafe


For L2 Cafe’s motion graphics explainer video, our goal was to attract senior managers and staff at financial institutions to the features of L2 software. In this quick, 60-second video, we made sure to clearly explain how the L2 software works, and exactly what problems it solves for users. We used friendly, uplifting music while conveying that L2 software is a secure program where users can get multiple things done in one place, simplifying the debt recovery process. We used tones of professionalism and simplicity while still making the video fun and friendly.

Motion Graphics Explainer Video for software company L2 Cafe


Ballistic Arts created a stunning explainer video using new brand assets for software company, L2Cafe. An explainer video like this sample is ideal for software companies who don't have any actual tangible real life assets to document their process. Ultimately, an explainer video like this, is a great sales tool for any business. L2Cafe is a software that provides a virtual workplace to lawyers, lenders, and others involved in the debt recovery process. The program allows anyone with access to view all important debt recovery documents and progress in the debt recovery process in one place.

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