Landbridge Logistics Branding & Website

The Ballistic Arts graphic and web design teams produced an attractive website, marketing collateral, and wall graphics for Landbridge Logistics.

We utilized arrows and triangles throughout our marketing collateral to convey a sense of movement.

The transportation intermediary communicates with many different countries around the world, and the first introduction is always a greeting. This is why we chose to use various "hellos" in different languages on the vinyl office wall graphics and display “LANDBRIDGE” within.

Our graphic design and web teams came together to create an easy-to-update WordPress website that reinforces Landbridge Logistic's professional status.

It deploys on-message and relevant information in a well-organized package. The website's WordPress Core, Custom Page Templates, and Advanced Custom Fields accomplishes this with ease by separating information and increasing flexibility.

Landbridge Logistics is a full-service freight and transportation company.

They specialize in everything from packaging and transportation consultation, freight quoting and financial settlement, to tracking and issue resolution. Their extensive network of freight carriers, along with a wealth of industry knowledge, means that their client's shipments are always in good hands.


Everything from signatures, business cards, interior design graphics, brochures and our website - we couldn’t be happier with the final results. Thanks to every signal person at Ballistic Arts. We are confident with how everything is looking and want to end this project with a big THANK YOU!!!

- Rahil Lalani, Customer Accounts Manager

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