Friendly Holiday Video and Card For Lawson Lundell’s Clients

Our design and video production teams got to work on two fun projects for Lawson Lundell this past December: the creation of a holiday card and holiday video for their clients! Our goal was to send season’s greetings to Lawson Lundell’s clients, and let them know that the company had donated to charities local to each of their offices in the spirit of the season.


We used the theme of Canada geese on a snowy, holiday landscape for both Lawson Lundell’s holiday card and video, each with its unique story and animation style. For the holiday video, we created a short animation of a flock of geese flying through the Vancouver skyline and sitting on a moonlit, snowy lake. Lawson Lundell’s holiday card shows a still image of a few geese dressed in toques and scarves building a “snow goose” together in a beautiful snowy setting. Both the card and video include holiday greetings and a list of the charities Lawson Lundell donated to this holiday season.


Lawson Lundell LLP is a leading business law firm in Western and Northern Canada. With offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Yellowknife, and Kelowna, they serve a large variety of industries and practices with a commitment to legal excellence.

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