Increasing the Sales Leads for MacLean Law by 500%

MacLean Law is an award-winning Family Lawfirm, with 7 locations across Western Canada. The law firm was trying to increase the new clients into their pipeline and started collaborating with Ballistic Arts in order to help grow the law firm's digital marketing presence.

The partnership between Ballistic Arts and MacLean Law included the creation of digital marketing content strategy, social media management, content distribution, and customer acquisition.

Maclean Law
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Digital marking lead generation for law firms

Building a Base - Top of Funnel

First, we started with Top of Funnel activities to help build the law firm's digital marketing and online presence and align with produced content. Together, we developed a series of videos to help distinguish MacLean Family Law from other family law offices and to draw attention to their brand.

Bringing In New Clients - Middle and Bottom of Funnel

We repurposed the videos in our middle and bottom of funnel activities, focused on achieving the two main goals the client had communicated to us:  Improve general digital and online presence. Source quality leads and clients for the company. In order to accomplish the law firm's digital marketing goals we separated the objectives into 2 areas of focus: 

1. Improve the online presence

We utilized the videos we had created in our Facebook Ad campaigns to generate page likes. It is always important to learn about a client's potential client base to improve targeting accuracy. This allows us to start with solid targeting assumptions and save precious marketing dollars. As the campaign progressed, we kept tweaking the targeting options based on data that was recorded as likes and followers were gained. 

2. Generating high-quality leads

In order to generate leads, we need to be able to track the individuals that are potentially interested in MacLean Law's services. To do so, we set up a Facebook pixel on the client's website and started to strategically retarget the users who had landed on the website and shown interest through an ad campaign. This campaign was set up as a lead form campaign, where interested parties could leave their details in an easy and accessible way, without ever leaving Facebook. 

Superior Results

1. In conclusion, we quickly managed to bolster MacLean Law online presence. Our video successfully showcased and differentiated our clients from the endless competition in the industry. In less than 3 months our campaigns drove more than 500-page likes of relevant people from the area.

2.  With our bottom of funnel activities and lead form campaigns, we accomplished more than expected. In our very first campaign, we received a lead for every $9 spent. Later on, after optimization, this price quickly went down to the $5 mark. Our client reported that we delivered leads of high quality, translating into high revenue business for them. Going forward it will be relatively easy for us to use the collected data to generate more leads and drive down the cost per lead even further.

Our lead generation campaign performed 478% higher than industry average.

Meaning we could provide leads to our clients for less than a quarter of the average industry price.

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