Call to Action Videos for MacLean Family Law

The Ballistic Arts video team created two call to action videos for MacLean Law to demonstrate the importance of their family law services. Our goal was to create warm, professional videos that show the seriousness of family law issues while establishing MacLean Law as a friendly and compassionate firm.


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maclean law call to action video screen cap
maclean law call to action videos screen cap 2


These call to action videos include shots of people with unique family law concerns entering the MacLean Law office in downtown Vancouver and Calgary and interacting with lawyers at the firms. We used on-screen text to convey the importance and quality of MacLean Law’s services using a professional font that’s consistent across several videos we’ve made for the firm in the past. The caring empathetic values of MacLean Law’s lawyers is made clear as they connect with clients with different needs.


MacLean Family Law works with their clients to resolve family issues across Greater Vancouver and beyond. They are an award-winning practice that collaborates closely with clients to empower their families and ensure strategic solutions are made to improve their lives.

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