Meeting Max Website Design and Development

The Ballistic Arts design and development team worked together with Meetingmax to combine modern and fun design in their new website. Meetingmax's mission is to facilitate event accommodation processes and deliver in-depth functionality for all event types and attendees. Our goal for the website is to inject the fun side of their culture, while effectively guiding users with optimized navigation.


  • Association
  • Software Development


We created a website design that reflected Meetingmax’s vibrant company culture and the professional dependability of their brand. The goal of this new site is to clearly communicate what Meetingmax is all about. Variations of the Meetingmax colour palette were used throughout the design to highlight critical information and engage users with the brand's persona. Playful elemental transitions in the background smoothly draw the user through the website experience.


Meetingmax is an incredible software platform catered to the event industry that provides users the ability to coordinate room block management seamlessly. This platform’s purpose is to make is to help users succeed in event room block management and make their jobs a little easier, so we wanted this website to reflect that. 

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