Mission Association for Community Living Website Design

As a website design company, we are proud that a large part of our business is serving not-for-profit associations. It’s especially heartwarming when we can support a group like Mission Association for Community Living (MACL) bring their new brand to life.




  • Education

Colourful. Punchy. Positive Change.

From animated SVG graphics to colour fun graphics, to fun fonts and intuitive storytelling, this website represents the positivity that MACL provides to the clients and families they serve. Developing a Community Living Website Design means understanding the distinction between association communications and advocacy, vs your typical marketing campaigns.

Promoting What Matters: Sandcastle Preschool

We designed a section specifically for MACL’s daily program Sandcastle Preschool. This program includes Peer Interactive Play, Story Time, Circle Time, Life Skills and Outside Play, which helps children enhance their learning through actively exploring materials and interacting with their peers in an inclusive setting.

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