Carsharing with Modo. The Website.

Modo provides an affordable and convenient alternative to private vehicle ownership, while improving the livability of our region.




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A Coop that Moves People Deserves a Website that Moves

A local, member-owned carshare co-operative, with a social purpose to transform communities by connecting people with places in a way that’s affordable, convenient, inclusive and sustainable deserves a website that conveys their mission not only through words but visually. The Ballistic Arts Web Development team and the Design Team followed Modo's new visual standard to look for opportunities where the website could go beyond standard presentation with movement and animations.

Intuitive Tools and Functions

The new website had to respond to the needs of Modo's current and potential new members faster and more intuitively than its predecessor, while still being familiar by using a WordPress base. The Ballistic Arts Web Development team thus created and deployed a Headless CMS aimed at dramatically increasing performance to deliver information more seamlessly.

The website was reorganized so that the user experience became more intuitive and information was easier and quicker to find. The trip calculator was reimagined to be more visual and user friendly. The car map was also reinvigorated to not only work as a general search but also as a tool that showed Modo's presence in the community with various Condos with vehicles readily available.

Contact Us

Give us a jingle: Call us today and learn how our team can take your project to the next level. Our team can be reached at 604.553.1081. You can also visit our online contact page here.