Nature’s Path Product Promotion Video

Our video team created an adorable stop motion video to support Nature’s Path’s product announcement and contest on social media. Generating new excitement for their Superfood Bars the video garnered thousands of views on Facebook.


Nature's Path


  • Food & Beverage
  • Natural Food


Spreading the love for Superfood

Nature’s Path received over 100 contest entries and 23 thousand views. The video made a clear statement for company’s product: the same amazing Superfood only in new packaging. Motion graphics for on-screen text drove the message home while creating personality and excitement for the product through clever text styling and animations.

Nature’s Path is the leading independent organic cereal manufacturer in North America.

The family-owned and zero-waste certified business was formed because of their passion for creating healthy, delicious, and organic breakfast food. So far they have diverted 92% of their waste from landfills through reduced packaging that has saved 825,540 gallons of wastewater, 437 tons of paperboard, 7,464 million BTUs of energy, and 1.4 million pounds of carbon dioxide.

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